haven’t turned the corner yet

Well, I noticed that several developers were responding to the technical debt emails they received within a few hours of submitting technical debt to the source code repository. Anecdotal evidence seemed to indicate that the tide might be turning.

I used two indicators to determine if this were the case.

  1. Change in technical debt over time. I checked this week versus last week. No dice. The debt increased by over $10,000 in only one week. (As measured by the basic Sonar technical plugin using the standard settings.)
  2. Change in net contribution. I have a net contribution score for each developer’s code quality contribution. It combines both the good and the bad. So, are the developers net contributors or net debtors? For the most recent month, the number is negative.

So the answer is no. But we haven’t begun developer training yet, only manager and lead training. So stay tuned, the training should be key in turning the tide.


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