Starting a new zero-technical debt program

Well, it’s time to start up a zero-technical debt program on a new project.  This time it will be C# and .Net so we’ll see if the same process can work in that environment.  First we have to develop the technical debt policy. 

  • How much debt should the developer carry and when should they pay it back? 
  • What do we set the defect metrics to?  In particular what about the complexity metrics?  High complexity correlates to run-time defects.
  • Who is responsible and accountable for the debt?  The submitter, the lead, the project owner?
  • How often do we notify?  After each build?
  • Should we track contributions, too?  Should those metrics be just informational or motivational?  What’s the culture?
  • What is the role of the code reviewer?  Will they review the tests?  Do they coach?